Pet Food Family

Dave’s Pet Food, though now a stand-alone brand, began as a private label for Dave’s chain of pet stores, Dave’s Soda and Pet City. It’s where we got our start, and with the success of these two companies, we have built a pet food family that works together to support the community and build customer trust.

Andy’s dog!

  • Neves


    Neves is a 3 year old boxer who is very playful and energetic! He enjoys car rides and playing outside in the warm weather. He also loves to try new treats and play with his toys. Neves’ claim to fame was being a featured model on a bag of treats in Dave’s Stores.

Ashley’s Pup!

  • Amelia


    Amelia is a 6 year old Schnoodle. She is a feisty little girl with lots of energy but loves to cuddle every morning. Smart and adorable, she knows how to give award winning puppy dog eyes to get out of trouble! She loves to run and play, and likes to practice for the Schnoodle 500. Other times she is happy soaking in the sun while paddle boarding with her mom!

Jillian’s Pups

  • cookie


    Cookie as a pup was a guest on Dave’s TV show 4 years ago. Cookies human fell in love and the rest was history. Cookie has become well known for her Dave’s TV commercials and advertisements. On her free time she LOVE’S being outside- her favorite thing to do is visit the local dog parks. She also enjoys being a test taster for Dave’s Pet Food!

  • pepper


    Pepper is a Dixie Dog from Georgia. He’s a pistol! Weighing only 15 pounds, Pepper truly believes he’s 150 pounds of solid muscle. But don’t let him fool you, deep down he’s a snuggle bug. He loves sitting on laps- getting all the attention he can get.

Haley’s Pets

  • sophia


    Sophia was rescued from a shelter in New Haven, CT when she was just a kitten. She is very talkative and follows her humans around from the second they get home. Sophia loves sitting in sunbeams, chasing twist ties around the house and drinking water out of the sink.

  • penny


    Penny is about 3 years old and an Australian Shepard mix. She was rescued from South Carolina where she was found tied to a pole in a yard with her puppies. Now she happily lives in CT with her parents and loves her toy hippo, running in the yard, barking at squirrels and showing off her fluffy ears.