Testimonials from Our Happy Customers

Our sweet Dallas was a Father’s Day gift to my husband. We wanted a companion dog for our other Sheltie.  She has been the most amazing companion and pet for our family.  Dallas has shown great loyalty and affection for my husband more so than any dog we have had in our family. That’s why it is so, so hard to see her body failing her.  She is almost completely deaf, has very limited vision (cataracts), and was diagnosed with kidney failure in routine blood work.  She was prescribed the Science Diet k/d formula food, both canned and dry.Dallas are the k/d formula for a long time and it did correct the problem with her kidneys.  But recently she totally stopped eating the dry, then the wet food.  I discussed this with my vet and my groomer. My vet suggested kidney safe ways to make the food more appealing,  but I was hand feeding her cantelop (which is her favorite snack) and Science Diet soft chew dog treats. That is all I could get her to eat.  I cried..I worried I was starving her, I kept talking to those around her…just to see if there was something out there safe for her to eat.Dallas had a grooming appointment on Tuesday and her groomer mentioned a shop in Downtown Dothan that supplied natural foods and custom blends.  I went to the shop yesterday and the staff was so nice and helpful.   They suggested two foods that might be a safe option for her. Dave’s Restricted Diet Farmyard Blend was one option.  I tried it as soon as I got home and watching Dallas eat a hearty meal energetically made me cry.  I am easing her back into eating real dog food gradually, because she kept wanting more and more.  Last night she ate a great dinner that didnt gave to be hand fed to her or disguised with cantelop. So, I want to thank you and your team for saving my sweet Dallas from a slow starvation which would have ended with euthanasia,  because I would never allow my dog to starve.

Dave’s turkey dog food was an instant favorite for Callie and kept her happy and energetic every day. Even as a senior dog, Callie was all wiggles and excitement at breakfast and dinner time. In my option, Dave’s is the best. Their customer service and quality are unparalleled and they truly care for their clients.
12179282_10205414398984430_263522910_n It started with one, then another, now it’s a habit, by the case. BRADY in Savannah LOVES Daves!
Our 1 year old beagle, Bubba, loves your food. Thanks for keeping my baby happy & healthy! 11953009_1195032887189702_966957480877261075_n

Message To let you know our eight in door rescue cats eat & love Dave’s food. They are healthy & happy. And the price is great. We found out about your food from a great lady who rescues cats & is the owner of the Cat Shoppe. We love our cats, they warm our hearts. Keep up your great work and we will spread the word about Dave’s food.

-Rose Marie D.


We moved down here to Winston-Salem , NC. (We being me and my black lab, Darby). I was so psyched to find a local pet food store that sold your food. My girl loves it.

Bryan H.



She is my only Child and my Baby for sure. Her name is “Ms.Phoebe Doolittle” I just started her on your Grain Free and Gluten Free canned food and she is loving it! Best of all it agrees with her Sensitive Belly.. Thank You for developing this formula.

Jan M.

Ms. Phoebe Doolittle


Thank you so much for developing your line of cat food. Our cats have eaten your wet food for the last year and we recently introduced them to your dry food, too. They love both! We’ve tried many other brands and the quality and taste (according to our cats) is superior. We appreciate the reasonable price point, too!
Bruce and Sally

Many purrs from Tucker and Lily!

Tucker and Lilly

Our 7 year old 100% pure American Bulldog is named Chadwick, and he is the light of our life, with a full under bite, a black eye and one black ear, and all white like Petey from the little rascals!

We started him on Dave’s “delicate dinners” when he had stomach problems almost 2 years ago, and eventually put him on the “Super premium” line when he started getting better. We also supplemented with the 95% turkey cans, and stopped giving him table food completely (he gets 1 mini 5 calorie treat twice a day with his thyroid medication and thats it!) as per the instructions on the back of your bag.

A few months ago, we wanted only the best, so we put him on the Grain Free cans (about 2 tbsp per meal) with his 1 cup of Super Premium kibble, and honestly his coat has never been shinier, and he has never had better energy, thanks to the nutrition from Daves food!
-Jason & Kristen


I have a 14 year old Standard Black Female Poodle. She acted and looked like she was going to die. Then I started her on your Healthy Joint Formulas. She acts like a puppy, and the groomer noticed a difference in her.”
-Karen D.

It’s a great product that my dogs love!”
-Kelly V.

Great pet food. My cats are my children, so I’m VERY picky!
This is highly recommended and high quality food. With 3 cats, I require the best!!”
-Heidi H.

We recently rescued a beautiful Red & Butterscotch 10Lb Peakanese! We bought 2 Cases of Assorted Foods. Yours was the Best! Cleo is very happy and well fed by your dog food! Thank you for your products.”
-Cleo & Miss Kansas

I wanted to also commend you on the superior quality combined with a very fair price. Things are tight in RI and elsewhere and I appreciate the ability to feed such quality to my dog without going broke doing it. I am so glad I found your product a few years back!”

I just wanted to thank you for making such an excellent product both ingredient wise as well as taste. This product is the only healthy wet food my cat will eat!!”

Tribble (who is much more interested in what the cat is purring about than the camera) had a bad case of tuba butt. What is this? This is where a dog can walk through your house and the sound of her butt makes you look for the tuba. But there is no tuba, only stench. Within days of switching to Dave’s Easy to Digest, the stinky tuba was banished from our home and our lives became much better. Thanks, Dave!


Casper (Golden Retriever) and Knox (Great Pyrenees) are two of your biggest fans! They love supervising us when we meet the distributor truck to pick up a load of Dave’s for our farm store! Casper was so excited he couldn’t stop himself from licking his lips in anticipation of the tasty meals to come!-Apple Hills Farm

Well I ordered the grain free duck for LOLA. She is a Westie and has so many allergies and skin problems and always yeast infections. So I will update when we start her on it. I have heard nothing but rave reviews and the price is great. Especially since we have her on many meds. She isn’t a happy camper right now…


Hi, I’m Lola and I love your grain free potato and duck! I love it! She does love it and we are happy. She has horrible allergies. Thanks for making a great product and reasonably priced

lola 3-30-15

I came across your brand a few weeks ago at my local pet supply store, Critters & Me in Santa Fe, NM. My cat instantly became obsessed with your wet food. He loves it!

A few months ago, I switched from a different brand. I had been feeding our 4 cats (ages 2.5-12 years) a combo of wet and dry food. I now only feed them your canned food, chicken being their favorite.

One of our cats, Riley (11) was overweight and not very active. After switching to your high quality food, not only has Riley lost some weight, but is acting like a kitten again!
He is playing more and jumping onto places he had previously avoided.

They also used to want to drink from the faucets, but no longer have interest in that, I assume from the high moisture content of your food. Their coats are now much softer and shinier too.

Thank you for creating such a high quality food at a reasonable price. My cats thank you, too!
Merry S.

Just started using Dave’s for my 10 year old Beagle. Now being a Beagle, she is not really food fussy, but I have NEVER had my Sissy sit in front of her dish waiting for her food. She absolutely LOVES Dave’s and seeing her waiting for her food warms my heart. Her fave is the chicken but we like all flavors. I especially like supporting a fellow Mass resident.
Thanks Deb

We at The Pets Natural Choice in Oviedo, FL Love Dave’s Pet Food. Thank You Dave for making a great affordable pet food.


You have kept him healthy all of these years!!!
We love your food!
Thank you for all you do!!!
Annie P.


You will have to excuse me, I have tears in my eyes as I type this. My name is Mary Anne Miller and I run a non-profit cat sanctuary outside of Sweet Home Oregon. This year, our kitten season went incredibly long, leaving us with over a dozen motherless kittens to care for. One in particular, Pumpkin is suffering from an auto-immune disease that might even rob her of her sight. She in just now a month old. Usually at feeding time, she will sleep off in the corner and tuck her head down, uninterested in the food being offered to the others. I have been hand-feeding her AD and Baby food, but she has been losing weight rapidly.

The other day, I was at the local feed store and I saw they were carrying this new brand of cat food. Dave’s Tuna and Salmon in Aspic so I bought five cans. Pumpkin loved it! She fights for her place at the plate to eat it and I am so grateful- you have no idea Her disease is slowly robbing her of the fur on her face and her ability to see. She has to eat in order to survive.

Thank you so much for producing a product that is not only good for cats but that they all love! Pumpkin would thank you too, although currently, she has her head burrowed into a bowl of Dave’s Tuna and Salmon and as yet to come up for air.

God Bless You, Mary Anne Miller
CATS INc., (Caring About The Strays)



I just wanted to send you guys an email to thank you for your feline Restricted Magnesium Phosphorus Pork formula.
My 11 year old cat had cystitis 3 times in 2012. Even though he was on grain free wet food, etc… ,
He eventually HAD to go on Rx food from the vets. Thankfully, that resolved the problem., by keeping
his pH where it needed to be. After being on the Rx food for a year, I knew I wanted to find a better quality
food for him. One that didn’t include byproducts, & grains, but would still address what he needed.
I went into a wonderful local natural pet food store called Aunt Kerry’s Pet Stop to look for something.
I had shopped there before, and loved the people there, & the fact that they were very knowledgeable! 🙂
They introduced me to your product, assuring me that it was formulated for this reason.
I bought a few cans for my kitty to try, & he loved it!
(Next, I emailed his vet the ingredients, letting her know we were going to try it. She thought that sounded good &
said we could do a follow up ultrasound in a few weeks, to check things out, & make sure no crystals were forming).
I am happy to report to you that the ultrasound, & urinalysis came back great!
I was SO happy! I have been buying cases from Aunt Kerry’s ever sense! (Aug.2014).

I was so happy to find a healthier alternative to the Rx food he had to be on!

My boy, Angel even likes to play w/ the boxes!

You have made me one happy Meowmy!!

Many, Many Thanks!!!
Kelly R.



I can not tell you how happy I am to have found your Canine Easy to Digest formula. I have a 7 year old rescue Beagle who has never been a good eater. In addition, she often had an upset stomach with vomiting and diarrhea. I asked my local pet food retailer, Critter Hut, for a recommendation and they told me about Dave’s. We are just starting our second small bag and what a life changer. Ellie not only eats 2 full meals, but eats every last bit and looks for more. Thanks you so much for this great ‘bland’ product.

 Tricia D.

I was feeding our 2 cats(center of our universe) nutro max cat.. which seemed better than fancy feast but not as good as wellness. But it was what I could afford……
Then I found Dave’s. It seemed too good to be true. It seemed to be great quality.. as good as the food that was $2.00+ but it was the same price of the lesser quality food. .
I now discovered the larger (12.5 oz) cans and will save even more money. Thank you!
I have switched retailers to PET GOODS from Petco(down the block) in order to buy Daves’s.
I so appreciate your good work and will spread the word.
My family also has a small business (Sir Real juice) and know how hard it is to keep costs down and quality up.
You are doing a phenomenal job.

Your loyal fans,
The Albert Family
esp. Tony and Sebastian

I just had to put my cat on a diabetic diet. She is very finicky but loves your cat food especially your 95 percent meat varieties. Thank you for making healthy, affordable cat food that cats actually find tasty!


My husband and I adopted our now dog-son four years ago. What we didn’t know was the future of a dog who is allergic to everything on the planet and all the love his little tumtum would need! My mom has many degrees in veterinary medicine and is amazed at how well our dog is doing and continues to do – especially at his senior years.

We started Hoss Doggy, the now 10 year old Boston Terrier, off on a ‘natural food’ from the pet store. It was expensive and wasteful – he was picky about eating it and worst off he had a ton of digestive issues . One day, after coming home from work and realizing we needed dog food, I ran to a local pet store to pick up Hoss’ expensive big named brand food. I ran into a problem. They were out. What was I going to do? A distributor for a different brand was in house trying to sell me their stuff, but it had similar ingredients to the crap he previously ate and caused major dog problems – and my house would end up smelling like a gas chamber! No thanks – I passed. Upon this person leaving, the wonderful owner took me over to the greatest food I have ever fed any of my pets! On the bag of Daves Dog Food was a number to call and a promise to the customer….if my dog, who is extremely spoiled, picky and allergic to just about everything, did not eat this new food, Dave was going to come and eat it. Sold. I left that shop thinking, “This is a joke!” I was expecting to go get my money back the next day and drive a long way to get the other stuff. Dave didn’t know what he was getting into….or so I thought.

I got home and put just a little bit of Daves food down. While I woke Hoss up from his 14 hour nap to come eat, I called the number on the bag, just to get the story straight, and expected a stupid recording. I got a very kind woman who laughed with me as I explained my dogs allergies and health issues. Hoss ate all his food. Left nothing behind. Dave did not have to come eat the dogs food – but it was the customer service and great ingredients that sold us. I even tried the food, why not, and it was not too bad (for dog food)… I figured I would practice what I preach and since my dog ate the food – heck – I would, too.

My husband loves the prices, I love the customer service, my mom loves the ingredients and my dog loves to eat his food. His coat is shiny, his stools are regular and not too runny or hard (sorry!), and best thing of all he is not allergic to any of the ingredients!

We tell all our friends about Daves and how it has changed our lives. When Hoss goes to doggy heaven to chase cats, snuggle in blankets and chew his bone – I hope he gets his favorite food, too! We will be giving this food to our future pets – it is the greatest thing to happen to our dog-son.
THANK YOU DAVE (and Family) – you rock. We love you.
Peace and many blessings,
Corey, Leece and Hoss Doggy

Hi there –

Thanks so much for a great product! Our dog, Coraline, has tried at least six different flavors of the canned food and loves them all (scarfs them down in about 45 seconds, actually…).

I also love that you include calorie counts on the food – we’re working on weight control and it helps us know exactly what she’s taking in.

I know your foods say, “Made in the US” – which I also love.

Thanks again – we love Dave’s Dog Food!

Linda (& Coraline)

Hi Dave & Company!
Just wanted to share that my cat absolutely loves your food!! We tried it for the first time this weekend and he couldn’t get enough. What makes me so excited about this is that he was sick last year and wouldn’t eat a thing except Friskees. My vet said just to feed him what he would eat at the time because he was losing a lot of weight. Anyway, now that he’s healthy, he refused to touch anything other than friskees!! I’ve tried it all, until your food. I’m so pleased that he’s finally willing to put aside his “McDonalds” diet of friskees in favor of your healthy food!!
I’ll be a customer for life now!! 🙂

Ryan & Christine

Hi Dave!

Just wanted to report my kittie’s satisfaction with your canned cat food. Her name is Stella. A pastel calico, she’s about 13yrs old & was getting lazy & her coat was lackluster. It was time for a diet change since she’s been a dry free-feeder her whole life. Now on your food she’s regained energy & looks like she went to the beauty parlor!

Just wanted to relay my thanks for your wholesome product, purchased at the Landmark Mill in Cedarburg, WI. I’m glad to support a local business.

Thank you Dave and all your employees on behalf of Stella & her Mom

-From Marissa in WI

Here is a picture of our daughter Baby. She only eats Dave’s grilled tuna and shrimp and will not touch any other company’s product!



Just wanted to tell you that the flavor Gobbleicous My cat’s are nuts for. They just Gobble it down. You gave that flavor the right name.I just want to Thank you for making a great food. I think it’s saving My Cats life.

-David G.

Gagnon cat

I wanted to share my experience feeding your 95% Premium Dog Food to my pup, Bear.

I started Bear on the venison formula about a year ago. As we both know, the venison is no longer sold, so I switched him to the chicken and beef.

My dog’s fur has never been better, he is bright-eyed and has plenty of energy to play. Knowing that Dave’s 95% Premium is supplemented and fortified (one of the few canned foods that is) makes me happy, knowing he is getting what he needs.

I just wanted to say thank you!”

– Lea

My cats and dog love your foods! I am a veterinarian and really look for quality foods to feed to my pets and recommend to my clients.”-A.K.