Cats are carnivores – for this reason, their ability to break down carbohydrates is not as well developed as their human counterparts. It is particularly important in the case of diabetic felines that their diet is primarily made up of proteins and very few carbs. Similarly, it’s best to choose a wet food over a dry food.

  • Our 95% Premium Meat canned cat food may be just the food your Veterinarian would suggest to help ward off diabetes and or overweight issues.  I encourage you to show your veterinarian the ingredient panel.  My hunch he or she will whole heartily agree that Dave’s 95% cat food is a fabulous food for your cat. As the name suggests, meat is the main ingredient. It is grain, corn, cereal, gluten and wheat free. More great news? It comes in a variety of flavors because as pet parents we understand that one flavor does not fit all!
  • For more information on feline diabetes, please take a look at this resource from veterinarian Lisa Pierson, DVM: