Welcome to Dave’s Pet Food!

Dave’s Pet Food combines good quality and low cost for pet owners looking for healthy but affordable food options for their cats and dogs. Our formulas were developed by a world-famous nutritionist to be wholesome and delicious. They come in a wide range of flavors your pets will love. We also have special food products for pets with varied health conditions.

Pets with Digestive Issues

Some cats and dogs may require special diets to match their lifestyle or medical condition. If your pet experiences certain symptoms or the vet diagnoses them with a health condition, our food products will help your furry pal continue eating delicious and healthy food throughout the treatment. The health conditions may include:


Your dog can eat the same food for years before showing signs of allergies, most of which come from protein or carbohydrates. Our grain-free chicken meal dry dog food is free of carbohydrates, artificial colors and flavors, beef, corn, and soy for extremely sensitive allergies.


Overweight pets are the result of eating too much and exercising too little, which can lead to more serious health conditions. Apart from monitoring your dog or cat’s daily activity, you will benefit from giving them our products to help them get back to a healthy weight. For chubby dogs, our 95% Premium Meat canned dog food is grain free and contains fewer carbohydrates.

Sensitive Stomachs

Some pets have sensitive stomachs and find it difficult to digest certain food items. Our Dave’s Delicate Dinners contain no wheat or gluten and are formulated with bland ingredients that are easier to digest.


Cats are natural carnivores and cannot digest carbohydrates in their body, increasing the risk of diabetes. To help reduce the carbs your cat eats, why not try our 95% Premium Meat canned cat food? It is free of grain, corn, cereal, gluten, and wheat and is available in multiple flavors.

Different Food Types at Reasonable Prices

Dave’s Pet Food can also help pets with various lifestyles. Our restricted diet catalog offers food low in magnesium, phosphorus, and protein for intermittent feeding. For older and less active dogs, our Naturally Healthy™ Senior Dog Food makes food easier to digest.

We provide these products at reasonable prices. Healthy and delicious pet food does not have to be expensive; your pets can still eat well while you get the best value for your money. Browse through our products today to find one that best suits your pet’s condition.

You can order our products online from our retail partners, or from over 1,600 local pet stores across the United States. Click here to find a pet store within your area. Be sure to call your store first to check if they carry the product you need.