Featured Pet(s) of the Week: Butter, Summer, & Chloe

Welcome to our second 'Featured Pet(s) of the Week' starring some of the cutest guests you'll ever see!

Meet half sisters Butter and Summer, and their Cavapoo sister, Chloe!  They loooove our Dave's Bland Chicken & Lamb diets!

Butter (pictured left) and Summer (pictured right)

Chloe (pictured above)

*How did you first hear about Dave's Dog Food?

S, B, & C's Momma: "After Summer our 8 year old English lab had difficulties given rapid eating and food allergies I researched dog foods online. The quality, made in the USA superior product that Dave’s produces for our canine kids has improved their holistic wellness. High protein, no fillers, and made with love!"

*Where do you currently get your Dave's?

S, B, & C's Momma: "We buy from our local pet store in Amagansett NY - and also online."

*What's the most important thing you look for in a dog food?

S, B, & C's Momma: "What we value: pure foods made with love that are committed to dog wellness and longevity. Made in the USA!"

*Who runs the house, Summer or Butter?

S, B, & C's Momma: "Butter - (Summer's half sister and the darker yellow) English Lab, aged 10, rules the house! Chloe the Cavapoo is runner up."


Special thanks to Alexandra L. for sharing these sweet babies with us! We love hearing Dave's Pet Food success stories!

Got one of you own? Email us at office@davespetfood.com to be featured!


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