Newest From Dave's - May 2024 Edition

#1 - Rated Best Budget Cat Food By - That's right, folks. We've been rated Best Budget Cat Food by for 2024. This is QUITE the honor, as Dave's "reason for being" is to create GOOD pet food, at a reasonable price. Click the link above to read the full article!

#2 - Freeze Dried - Digesti Bite Dog Treats are here! Available in a few different flavors and sizes, these treats are complete and balanced, and can be fed as a tasty treat or a scrumptious topper! We know how difficult it is to offer tummy-friendly treats to your Fido-friends, so we listened to our biggest fans, and created some freeze-dried options you're sure to love!

#3 - Introducing our GIANT, Economy Sized 22 Oz Cans22 Oz Chicken Formula Cat Cans & 22 Oz Bland Chicken & Rice Dog Cans  - These cans are the perfect size for shelters, rescues, and multi-pet families. We took our most popular dog and cat food formulas and turned them into the BEST VALUE you can get! Talk about a deal!

#4 - We created the FIRST (AND ONLY) Kidney Friendly Cat Treats on the market! These semi-moist cat treats are the purr-fect addition to any restricted diet. They're so popular, we sold out before we could even order more! Hang tight while we restock, and in the meantime, check with your local retailer to see if they have any left! Want a free sample? Reach out to!

#5 - We formulated no-prescription needed, kidney friendly dog crumble & more! We even had them reviewed by a board certified veterinarian nutritionist. They're modeled after other "prescription' diets", but do not require vet authorization. Want a free sample? Reach out to!

#6 - We're getting a makeover! New labels and more! - Think of it as - we're becoming a REAL brand. We're offering the same great products, in ATTRACTIVE new packaging. If you're a retailer who would like to make life easy for your customers, just email and we'll send you some material! 

#7 - Semi-moist dog treats for sensitive stomachs! Dog got gas? Dave's has the answer. In addition to our restricted bland diets, we're now offering semi-moist dog treats for sensitive stomach'ed pooches. 

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