Introducing the more affordable, but equally beneficial, raw diet alternative: Dave’s 95% Meat dog food recipes.

If your pooch is too paunchy, dealing with diabetes, or just plain ready for better… try our high-meat content dog food packed with premium-protein meat, vitamins, minerals, and water. That’s it! Dave’s is a big hit with dog lovers for these reasons:

  • Follows the AKC 95% Rule for dog food: “At least 95 percent of the product must be the named ingredient (‘Chicken for Dogs’ must include at least 95 percent of chicken).” Boo-yah!
  • Limited ingredient dog food: We can’t say “no carbs” by law, but there are no grains, no cereals, no starches, no rice — just lots of luscious meat. Great for weight loss and dogs with allergies.
  • Dog with diabetes? Since there are virtually no carbs, blood sugar levels shouldn’t spike! Please check with your veterinarian. I bet he or she will wholeheartedly agree with us!!

Best of all — no raw diet prep needed! Less time chopping and prepping means more time playing with your pup. Just open a can of meaty goodness, yessuh!