Dave’s grain free dog food is the natural choice to support dogs suffering from allergies or obesity.

Does your doggo wanna be done with allergies, obesity, or lameness? Grain free food may be a better option for your dog. Give Dave’s grain-free recipes a try for these reasons:

  • Our recipes our packed with the best stuff for a healthy digestive system and joint support: Each formula includes just the right vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 and 6 fats, pre- and probiotics, and oligofructose.
  • Gives your pet plenty of premium nutrition: Support your pet’s best health, naturally, with our proprietary blends of protein and amino acids. 
  • What’s not in our grain free diets? The irritating stuff that can amplify allergies and inflammation like gluten, beef, corn, soy, and artificial colors and flavorings.

Plus OMG — it’s delicious! Your pup will give you a big smooch when you serve our grain free food as a complete and balanced meal or tasty kibble topper.