Reason #7 why Dave’s Pet Foods is one of the best dog food brands (according to our customers): our Stewlicious and Gravylicious recipes!

Who doesn’t love a hearty beef or chicken stew with vegetables? Our customers tell us their dogs literally leap across the kitchen when they open a can of Dave’s stew. Here’s why:

  • Only the good stuff: Each dog stew recipe starts with a flavor-rich broth, then we add chunks of premium protein such as beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and even salmon. We blend in the right vegetables, vitamins, and minerals for dog digestion. Voila!
  • No yucky fillers: With all this goodness, there’s no room for corn or wheat fillers, soy, or gluten, which can upset the stomach.
  • GRAVY, GRAVY, GRAVY: Our rich, decadent gravy flavor makes our stews magical. Mm, mm, mm.

Plus, Dave’s premium “licious” line of healthy dog food options is affordable. Wha???We dare you to compare our USA-made, family recipes with other premium dog food brands and see what you’ll save with us.